What Parents Say About Eye Level Barsha Dubai

  • As parents we want the best for our son. He was so shy, with low self-esteem, and so left behind as compared to boys of the same age. With the help of Eye Level, a lot of changes happened. He gained more self-confidence, self-esteem, and independence which affected his academic performance in school. His teachers noticed his big improvement and this manifested in his grades. We are so happy with the results.

    Name of Parent: Jenny Arellano
    Name of Child(ren): John Nelo Arellano
    Subject(s): Math and English

  • Eye Level does an excellent job of reinforcing the concepts learned at school. The children have a complete understanding of concepts before they are allowed to move on to the next level.

    Name of Parent: Aparna Mehta
    Name of Child(ren): Sonia and Sejal Mehta
    Subject(s): Math and English

  • She showed great improvement in terms of self-esteem and confidence in applying Math and English. Her attitude towards learning new concepts is extremely positive. She now has greater understanding of topics that were previously incomprehensible to her.

    Name of Parent: Halima Sheikh
    Name of Child(ren): Natasha
    Subject(s): Math and English

  • There is a great improvement in my son and I really appreciate the constant feedback from the staff. His mathematical skills have improved drastically especially in multiplication. His vocabulary has increased as well. All these are manifested in his school progress report. You guys are doing a great job.

    Name of Parent: Sukriti Chopra
    Name of Child(ren): Kovid Chopra
    Subject(s): Math and English

  • My child is now enthusiastic, able to complete work, able to sit for a long period of time, and has shown improvement.

    Name of Parent: Sruthi
    Name of Child(ren): Eshaan
    Subject(s): Math and English

  • She progressed through the semester and is quite more focused.

    Name of Parent: Pitambara Sharma
    Name of Child(ren): Aasira Sharma
    Subject(s): Math and English

  • She is more confident, focused, and speedy. I am very much satisfied.

    Name of Parent: Pitambara Sharma
    Name of Child(ren): Antra Sharma
    Subject(s): Math and English

  • The teachers are excellent. My child has improved a lot. She can now do all math problems by herself.

    Name of Parent: Fareeda Saleem
    Name of Child(ren): Aasiya Saleem
    Subject(s): Math and English

  • I am happy with my child’s improvement in both the subjects. His confidence level also increased. I hope to get a little more personal attention if possible.

    Name of Parent: Tina Maggo
    Name of Child(ren): Aakersh Maggo
    Subject(s): Math and English

  • I am pleased to have the opportunity to thank you and your staff for the progress that both my sons achieved in Math since they joined the center. My youngest son’s performance is now getting better and the eldest is doing excellent in school.

    Name of Parent: Ansam Shafie
    Name of Child(ren): Zaid Tahboush and Mohammed Rafat Tahboush
    Subject(s): Math

  • Both my sons are very happy and they have improved a lot.

    Name of Parent: Fatima
    Name of Child(ren): Mohamed and Moatesam
    Subject(s): Math and English

  • We are very happy the way our son has been progressing in both Math and English. I think this is how core subjects should be taught. In today’s technological age, I think we are forgetting how effective tried and tested methods of teaching can be. That is where Eye Level excels. Rather than trying anything extraordinary, it emphasizes on core concepts and then builds upon them.

    Name of Parent: Kislay Srivastava
    Name of Child(ren): Atharva Srivastava
    Subject(s): Math and English

  • I would like to appreciate the teachers’ efforts in helping my child build her self-confidence. My daughter loves to attend her Eye Level classes. She has improved in English and is eager to try out Math problems.

    Name of Parent: Lakshman Nalvade
    Name of Child(ren): Pramiti Lakshman Nalvade
    Subject(s): Math and English

  • Jashna has learned to be responsible in doing her homework. She has confidence in school since she joined Eye Level. She can still improve in her speed though.

    Name of Parent: Esha Ludhani
    Name of Child(ren): Jashna
    Subject(s): Math and English

  • Eye Level has helped a lot in improving his writing skills and Math skills as well.

    Name of Parent: Solicitor Kanehan Jagtap Dhanjal
    Name of Child(ren): Agrim Singh Dhanjal
    Subject(s): Math and English

  • Sara is a fantastic Math teacher. Mikaeel is happy learning with her. We have already noticed a great deal of improvement in his mental Math. Anitha’s dedication in teaching English has made Mikaeel enjoy reading and writing more. He has made excellent progress.

    Name of Parent: Amina Bari
    Name of Child(ren): Mikaeel Bari
    Subject(s): Math and English

  • Hassan’s confidence in Math has improved and he has become faster and more independent. His teachers have given him great support. My son enjoys coming to the center to learn. He is trying very hard in English and I can see an improvement in his comprehension. I am very happy with the support he is getting.

    Name of Parent: Maya Sleiman
    Name of Child(ren): Hassan Abdallah
    Subject(s): Math and English

  • I have seen an improvement in her confidence in Math and she has become more independent in doing her homework. Her speed has improved over the past month and her attitude towards Math has become better over time. I am very happy with both her Math and English teachers. Their dedication and support have given my daughter confidence and great attitude towards her work.

    Name of Parent: Maya Sleiman
    Name of Child(ren): Halla Abdallah
    Subject(s): Math and English

  • I am so happy with Leana’s improvement in Math and English. I never expected that at this age she would be able to learn a lot of stuff. Now she is able to read 3-letter words and counting till 100 while writing the numbers without any mistake. Big thanks to Rafia and Himani for being patient and super kind to my daughter.

    Name of Parent: Naamat
    Name of Child(ren): Leana Baydoun
    Subject(s): Math and English