Math and English Learning Center

We believe that every child is born with intelligence and unique talent. To get the best out of their potential you need to provide them the enriching education. Therefore, Math and English play a vital role in building your kid’s foundation of education. Thus, we at Eye Level, provide your kids the best Maths and English Tuition where they can learn these two principal subjects step-by-step at their own pace.

We truly admire the uniqueness of each kid. However, not all children have the same grasping ability. Every child has his/her own way to observe, imbibe and learn things. Therefore, we have designed an individualized, self directed program imparted through our Learning Center,where you kids develop interest towards subjects like Math and English. We also make sure that your child experiences the best atmosphere at our Maths and English Tuition center and consequently, starts developing skills on his/her own.

We researched and found out that at the school a child cannot connect with the associated teacher voluntarily. As a result, the child feels ignored and ends up losing interest in a particular subject. It is not the case with only with some kids. Even the lack of interest can affect sharp minded students too. Because they cannot find the space where they can further develop their skills. Hence, the importance of Math and English Tuition increases. Because Math and English are are core subjects and a strong foundation is vital.

So, for the solid foundation of your child’s future, Eye Level has the best Learning Center that you can find in Dubai.

Moving towards our learning program which makes our efforts exceptionally successful,
First, we let’s get started with Math,

Math Learning Center

Eye Level has very own and unique teaching method for your child. The Learning Center comprises two crucial parts, Basic Thinking Math, and Critical Thinking Math. Both parts play a significant role in helping your child learn and understand better.

1. Basic Thinking Math: We are not in a hurry, neither your child is. So we start with the very basic topics such as Numbers, Arithmetic, Measurement, and Equations. It creates a better understanding in your child for Math. Each student is assigned a level in the program post assessment of their current skill set and learning pace.

2. Critical Thinking Math: This part of learning develops the capability of perception, problem-solving and reasoning. And also covers the area of relationship and geometry and measurements, etc. Each student is assigned a level in the program post assessment of their current skill set and learning pace.

Thus, when a child learns through these steps, it boosts him/her natural ability. Therefore the Eye Level provides the best Math and English Tuition program for your children to strengthen their roots.

English Learning Center

The Eye Level Learning Center assists your kids through every difficulty and new task. A language subject needs some further interaction between a student and a teacher.

Eye Level utilizes the program based on UAE Department of Education Curriculum Standards for English Language Arts.

Our teachers/tutors help the student to understand and learn the language with a better comprehension level through many creative and interactive methods.

Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing are the four pillars for learning any language. Here, at our Maths and English Tuition center, your child will excel in all these elements of language learning.

This is not all. Eye Level Learning Center brings a lot of creativity and fun activities for your children.

Your little ones cherish their big dreams in their little hearts. We try to give their dreams wings so that they can fulfill them in the sky of unlimited opportunities.

And…in the end…

Dear Parents, your kids are important to us. The Math and English Tuition is just a tool which can help your child to fill color into those colorless drawings of their dreams. Of course, kids are innocent, and they do not understand the complexities of this world. Therefore, we truly understand our responsibility to help them to build a better future.

Our Learning Center is highly dedicated towards your kids. With the whole new concept of Eye Level, your child will start walking slowly but steadily on the way to following his/her dreams.

For more information about our programs and registration process, feel free to contact Eye Level