Seeking the best Math and/or English tuition for your child?

Eye Level in Dubai is a proven, self-directed, individualized learning method that nurtures achievement through a solid foundation of Math & English via a unique coaching system.

The Eye Level Math and English after-school program is being taught through enrichment centers since 1960 in over 16 different countries. Eye Level Barsha Dubai and Eye Level Garhoud Dubai are now offering this unique Supplemental Education program to help children with School Maths and English.

Eye Level Barsha Dubai and Eye Level Garhoud Dubai are part of the world’s leading education brand with over 2.5 million members enrolled worldwide.

Our Math and English program, after an in depth study and satisfying stringent quality standards is approved by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA),

In this increasingly fast-paced, competitive environment of today, the pressure on our children to perform better than the other at school is extremely high. As a result of such a pressure, our children end up ‘coping’ up with their studies rather than ‘enjoying’ it, or actually learning from it. Learning can be a fun and enjoyable process. It’s not only about better grades at school, but about being sharper in everyday life.

Our learning system is not just to pack the minds of our learners with concepts or drill them with numbers. Through our Math program we aim at solidifying the key fundamentals which provide a better understanding of the subject, resulting in improved and superior study performance. New concepts are continually revisited in a variety of creative contexts to reinforce mastered skills.

We are the first ones, to introduce a Critical Thinking Math component in the U.A.E. Through this, we train our learners to logically ‘apply’ all that they learn which helps them to be more analytical in everyday life.Result – Smarter and sharper minds!

Every child is born with intelligence; only the grasping power or learning pace differs.

The philosophy of the Eye Level system emphasizes that an educational program is most effective when an instructor is able to customize the program itself to meet the individual needs and learning styles of each student, to enable them to realize their maximum potential.

We want to adapt to each child and meet the needs of a variety of young learners, so that students with different learning styles/abilities are equally excited and engaged.

Enrolment begins with a skills assessment so that instruction can be tailored to a child's strengths. By starting from a position of strength, a child will launch into fun and approachable lessons that may use learning aides such as colourful workbooks, various puzzles and cards, and engaging audio to introduce new concepts or revisit basics in a new light.

As they progress, kids are motivated by their achievements in a self-paced, activity-based learning atmosphere. This method combined with our specially designed tutorials and workbooks will motivate students to take a proactive and independent approach to learning.

Geared towards ages 5–14, Eye Level programs are aligned with U.S. educational standards and can serve as a supplement to regular academic curriculum, as an opportunity for educational enrichment

Eye Level Barsha Dubai and Eye Level Garoud Dubai are here to give your child the tools and the edge to succeed in school and beyond in Dubai from trained instructors.

Our Learning centers in Dubai offer Maths and English Language Coaching as part of an after school Enrichment activity providing children Maths and English tuition in Dubai from trained instructors.

Now catering to young learners from;

Al Barsha, Greens, Tecom, Motorcity, Dubai Sports City, Emirates Hills, Meadows, Springs, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Jumeirah Village Circle, Jumeirah Village Triangle, Arabian Ranches and Jumeirah/Umm Suqueim

Garhoud, Mirdif, Nad Al Hamar, Warqa, Dubai Festial City, Rashidya, Ghusais, Al Nadha, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Falcon City, Al Barari and the Villa Community.



Eye Level Math is designed to help students improve their mathematical thinking and problem solving skills by enabling them to master concepts each step of the way as they progress through the curriculum. More



Eye Level English is based on the Dubai, UAE Department of Education curriculum standards for English Language Arts.The goal is to help students masters English, systematically, through enhancing the target language skills. More